What Does It Mean to Drive a Mamalona?


Despite its ambiguous definition, the word mamalona has become a popular colloquial term, referring to a parent’s pickup truck. As such, videos of this slang term are often of specific types of trucks – Ford F-150s, Nissan Titans, and Toyota Tundras, for example – not the more common midsize trucks like Toyota Tacomas. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what mamalonas drive and how much it costs to fill up a mamalona.

Cost of Filling Up a Mamalona

Recent increases in gas prices have driven consumers on the internet to complain and share their stories. The latest viral joke tells drivers not to drive a mamalona. Besides driving at a steady speed and avoiding heavy braking, you can also lower the weight of your vehicle and minimize wind drag. But the most effective way to lower fuel consumption is to drive less. The picture was most likely edited to include the momalona comment.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “mamamalona” refers to the parents’ pickup truck. Some examples of mamalonas are Ford F-150s, Nissan Titans, and Toyota Tundras, though you won’t find them in mid-size trucks like Toyota Tacomas. Despite their unique style and sound, these trucks share some traits in common. They are spotless and often sport a huge Mexican flag or a team’s logo.

Meaning of The Word Mamalona in Slang

The word “mamalona” has many definitions in slang. It is used for good things, especially in northeast Mexico, especially Tamaulipas. It also has several variants, including Mamar Gallo, which means “playing a joke,” “Mamarse,” and “Mande,” which means ‘not understanding’ or ‘not understanding properly.’

“Mamalona,” according to the Urban Dictionary, is a term that Mexican-American sons will call their dad’s truck. In Mexico, it is common for sons to call their parents’ truck “mamalona.” In the United States, these trucks are normally Chevy Silverados, GMC Sierras, or Ram pickups. Neither of these words is official.

Meaning of The Word Mamona in Colombian Expression

What is the meaning of the word mamalona in a Colombian expression? The word’mamalona’ means lazy in Spanish. It is an expression used in northeast Mexico, particularly in Tamaulipas. This word is derived from Mamar Gallo, which means ‘a joke’, and Mande, which means ‘not fully understanding’.

The word money in Spanish is mammon, and in the King James Version, mammon was a masculine form of the feminine form of ma. This word is also used in Colombian expressions, although most modern Bibles use the English word gain instead. It is also found in the Talmud and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The word mammon can also mean a female tlacuache, which carries her young on her back as they grow.

If a woman has a baby, she can call her baby a pelota. It also means “coy” (in Colombian).

In Spanish, the word higado is used to describe a person who is hard to deal with or is lazy. Mamalona also means “slutty.” In a Colombian expression, it is an insult. The Spanish word tlacuache means possum and mamalona refer to someone who is difficult to get along with. It also means “annoying.”

The alcoholic spirit mezcal is also used as a slang term for food. It is made from the agave plant and is commonly served in a salt-rimmed glass, usually with lime juice. The expression is very similar to the Spanish phrase “better the devil you know.”

The word mamalona can also mean a takuach, a parent’s pickup truck. A mamalona may be a Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, or Toyota Tundra, but isn’t the same as a mid-sized pickup. If the mother is a takuach, the child must have a takuach to call it a mamalona.

Three Mamalona Trucks That Will Top $100 in Fuel Costs in 2020


According to tweets from 2021, a mamalona truck’s fuel costs have topped $80, and it routinely hits the $100 mark. Here are three common trucks that have been dubbed 2020’s “thirstiest full-size half-ton pickups.”

LS2 from A 2005 Denali

An LS2 swap can make your old 5.3L V8 engine run like a dream. It’s a great way to increase the power of your truck while keeping the stock dash gauges. This swap will also preserve the check engine light, torque control, and hill descent control. To maintain the LS2’s performance, it should be stored away from extreme temperatures and corrosive liquids.

The LS2 is a small block cylinder engine derived from the GM L71 engine. It has a 4.00-inch bore and a 3.62-inch stroke. It was based on the same concept as the LS1 but features a steel crankshaft. Its cylinder block assembly features 6.098-inch powder-metal connecting rods and hypereutectic cast aluminum-alloy pistons.

The LS2 features beehive valve springs and roller-pivot rocker arms. These rocker’s arms have a 1.7-to-1 ratio. It also uses a conventional in-tank fuel pump and an in-line fuel filter. Compared to the LS3 and LS4 engines, the LS2 engine is more efficient, thanks to a redesigned coil pack and a new, more effective ignition system. The engine’s crankshaft has a less aggressive cam profile, allowing for the LS2 to perform better. It’s also a lighter engine, as LS2 exhaust manifolds are 30 percent lighter than their Gen III counterparts.

Painted in PPG Corvette Torch Red

Dee is a professional driver who identifies his vehicle as a ‘mamalona’, a term coined by the urban dictionary. He paints his truck’s PPG Corvette Torch Red, which he considers to be a classic color for the Vette. Dee wanted more power for his truck, so he had Luis Castro performs a motor swap for him.

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