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Anastasia Cosmetics, we are the best-selling retailers for fashion designers make-up artists, nail technicians), retailers and marketers as well as marketing professionals. We offer a wide range of inexpensive beauty and hygiene products. You can find all our products online through our e-commerce Anastasia eyeshadow palette site.


Anastasia Cosmetics sells cheap make-up for under 30$ and we offer a wide range of makeup products of all kinds so that you can meet all your needs in terms of design and hygiene products. You can find on our site a wholesale makeup range of cheap makeup and care products like:

Eye make-up such as mascara is the best make-up product to enhance the look. We offer different amounts of mascara for volume results or longer eyelashes or even long-lasting water-free mascara. We also sell eye pencils, good looking enhancement, eyeliner and shadow palettes, Make-up and lip care like matte liquid lipstick or even lip gloss for sublime and flesh lips,

The essentials of a manicure include varnishes for lasting color but also the importance of care for hands and nails (hand creams, solvents, kits for false nails …), Hygiene products such as shower gels, hair removal kits or moisturizing creams,

We also sell perfumes, and mist for women and men. Our perfume brands are available in the perfume market. Each of our fragrances is delivered in a low bottle that will never fail to satisfy all your customers. We offer you a unique scent that will dry out your stores. Our fragrance is sold only in boxes, Lastly, we also provide accessories such as make-up brushes and stainless steel cases.


Anastasia Cosmetics, we are an online retailer of makeup products and offer a wide range of inexpensive products. We work with well-known cosmetic brands in the world of make-up. We also sell our own decorative brand Anastasia Cosmetics. On our e-commerce site, you get a complete inexpensive brand make-up (foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc.) as well as everything you need at a low price to get the perfect manicure (nail polish, nail polish remover, false nails). For sale in stores, our cosmetics and storage products are displayed in attractive displays.

This is a good form for resale. Our displays are designed to fit in your stores or showrooms in order to capture the attention of your customers and thus increase your sales. Many displays have testers that allow your customers to try makeup shades and shapes without opening the product. For you, this represents a valuable asset. The perfumes we sell are from the world’s most famous brands. We make a conscious choice of our make-up brand and our products in order to offer you a wide selection of inexpensive cosmetic products.


Anastasia Cosmetics is an inexpensive make-up seller for professionals. We sell cheap make-up products and beauty products from a variety of crafts and at low prices. We have expertise in marketing to professionals, retailers, and stores such as beauty salons, professional hairdressers, hair salons, and phone cosmetics retailers. The products we sell are professional products. Located near, we have a large warehouse with a large storage area. The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concern.

This is why we are always trying to give you some new features in terms of product design. We welcome regular arrivals in a wide range of make-up and maintenance products so you can satisfy your customers. We know that when it comes to designing products, your customers are interested in the choice, which is why at Anastasia Cosmetics wholesale makeup we offer make-up products in a variety of styles and shapes to meet the needs of all brands and for all needs to be available and responsive. Our commitments to you. Your trust is important. That is why we work to live up to the trust you place in us.

We are careful to choose our design brands and products in order to offer you a wide selection of cosmetic products at competitive prices. We care about the quality of our products, we always check our items in order to ensure the products are not damaged. The products we sell are fully compatible with professional make-up. Our products are ready for sale and comply with current pean safety standards. The products we sell all meet pean security standards in operation.

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