Which Chipmunk is Getting the Best Head?

Which Chipmunk is Getting the Best Head

Ever wondered which chipmunk gets the best head? You can ask people by creating an online poll. The website Rule 34 has an original picture caption: “Which chipmunk is getting the best head?” People were blown away by the creativity of the captions and voted for Alvin. The captions should be different for each group, of course. Here are some examples. These captions might not be the best for the other groups, but they’re great for fun!


Chipmunks have the best heads. They aren’t afraid of anything and can talk to people without being afraid of anyone. Alvin’s best qualities make him a favorite among children. His friends are Brittany and Jeanette, two girls who love him. But he isn’t a good lover. Despite being an animal, he still gets into kissing matches.

There are two versions of the famous picture. One has Alvin, while the other two have Simon. Simon is the hopeless romantic and the most practical. Unlike Simon, Alvin gets the best head. The others, however, are hopeless romantics and are not suited for sexual encounters. Simon, however, is the quietest of the two. They aren’t as smart as Simon, who has the highest nut meter.

In the 2012 version of Alvin and the Chipmunks, the image was posted on Rule 34. Originally, the caption was, “Which Chipmunk Gets the Best Head?” But when the picture was re-posted with the caption, many people voted for Alvin. Although it’s not a perfect picture, the image shows that the chipmunks can be incredibly creative. In other words, the most creative captions get the best results.

The best head depends on the personality of the chipmunk. Alvin has a hairy head and Theodore has an expressive face. The chipmunk with the biggest head wins’ oral sex. Theodore is the only chipmunk with a bad head. So, if you’re thinking about which chipmunk gets the best head, make sure you know its personality and compare its pros and cons. Then, you’ll know which head to give your chipmunk.


According to the new viral image, Theodore chipmunk is getting the worst head. His penis is smaller than Eleanor’s, and he has the lowest self-esteem of all the chipmunks in the franchise. While Eleanor is bigger and smarter than Theodore, she still has the best head and has the upper hand during oral sex. Regardless of her superior state, Theodore’s head is definitely the worst.

While this poll is not new, it is still funny. One website has been running a poll since 2012 to determine which chipmunk is getting the best head. The original caption of the photo was, “Which chipmunk is getting the best head,” and many people liked it. However, some of them thought Simon was getting the best head. The captions have been deleted in favor of Simon, but people continue to debate the picture.

Theodore is a chipmunk with a head bigger than Alvin’s. He wears a dark blue top with a white penis and is the oldest and smallest of all the chipmunks. In addition to being the oldest and smallest chipmunk, Theodore also has the most expressive head. His penis is the smallest of any chipmunk, and his head is adorned with black and blue flowers.


Who is getting the best head in the Chipmunks? In this viral photoshopped image, Chipmunks Alvin, Brittany, Simon, and Eleanor are shown with the most and least heads. Although Eleanor likes Theodore the best, she’s more likely to suck Theodore’s head. Alvin and Simon are both the most popular chipmunks, but Simon is a fan favorite.

Theodore is a virgin who is even more excited about receiving Theodore’s head than Eleanor. Theodore is a very sensitive chipmunk and is quite receptive to touch. In fact, he can show different emotions by changing his body language and his face. Eleanor’s head is the most important thing to her, so she’s trying her best to give it to him.

While Eleanor’s chipmunk has a great head, Theodore gets more sex from her male counterparts. Simon and Alvin also get sex with the head they give to them. It’s a very interesting story about how different the two characters are. The chipmunks are very different from each other, so it’s important to understand them before choosing a head.

Simon is the shyest of the three. He feels more desired and validated when he has the upper hand. This gives him the opportunity to show his true nature. If the female chipmunk wanted him, it would increase his arousal. And if Simon had the upper hand, she’d likely be able to take advantage of it! So, if you’re not a hopeless romantic, Simon should be your choice.

The Chipmunks are famous for their singing abilities. They first appeared on Alvin and the Chipmunks in 1983. Since then, they’ve been in five movies and two specials. The third and final Chipmunk is Theodore. He has an expressive face and is the least obnoxious. But he’s getting the best head. In addition, Theodore, who has the best head, loves Eleanor the best.

While the Chipmunks don’t mention chipmunks, they still have a hit song, “Witch Doctor”. Though it doesn’t mention chipmunks, it is included in many compilations and was performed live on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1960. Eventually, it was imitated by Big Bopper and Sheb Wooley. This song has become a pop classic that has been covered by countless other artists and influenced many songs over the years.


The internet is abuzz with an argument over whether Simon the chipmunk has the best head. In the animated movie series, Simon is voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler. Theodore, the youngest of the three chipmunks, is voiced by Steve Vining. The captions of each picture are very analytical. A Reddit user defended Simon. He stated that the picture did not accurately represent Simon’s characteristics.

A photo-shopped viral image shows the best and worst heads of each chipmunk. Alvin has the best head, while Brittany and Theodore have the worst heads. However, Simon, who is the chipmunk with the worst head, is also the most popular. Simon is also the most popular of the three. But he is not the only one with a mind-blowing head.

While Alvin has the most heads, Simon is the smartest. Alvin has more heads than Simon, but he is the best businessman and finance, major. Although some people may disagree with the Who has the best head argument, the real winner is Alvin. If you’re unsure about Which chipmunk is getting the best head, watch the movie to see what your kids will think. You’ll enjoy it!

The best head image of a chipmunk was uploaded to the Rule 34 website in 2012. The caption for the picture asked, “Which chipmunk gets the best head?” Many internet users were impressed by the creativity of the captions and chose Alvin. Obviously, it is not fair to use the same caption for different groups of people. They’ll be disgruntled if they have to read the same caption for two different groups.

However, Simon isn’t quite ready for the public. He wants to prove his heterosexuality and demonstrate his masculine tendencies. To do this, he hooks up with Jeanette, a shy, inexperienced chipmunk. As Jeanette watches the climactic moment, she feels intimidated and uncomfortable. Simon, however, relishes it. But what’s more, Jeanette is a nervous wreck. Hence, she’s eager to give Simon a head.

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